Over 60 years serving the midlands

We are running as per guidelines from the HSE/ Dept of Education, National Transport Authority and the various schools. Please register now and pay your booking fee which is taken off the last two weeks of the 2nd term, therefore you do not have to pay for the last two weeks of transport in May or June. You then buy your weekly bus ticket one week in advance. Should the schools close again due to Covid 19 pandemic, any monies paid will be credited to you upon return to school. If your child is absent from school long term, then we will look at each case individually and come to an agreement regarding ticket price. In the event of a school closing, you will not be charged for your bus ticket during closure.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Here at Martley’s of Portlaoise, we have state of the art wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our Local Link Services and our Dublin Service can accommodate one Wheelchair. We also have 2 Mini Buses that can accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs. They are powered by an underfloor hydraulic lift and fully comply with the most up to date RSA regulations. Contact us on 057 86 20888 or email info@martleys.com for further information and discuss your requirements.
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Wheelchair Accesible Coach