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School Transport has resumed for all schools/Colleges 2020/21 Terms. We are running as per guidelines from the HSE/ Dept of Education, National Transport Authority and the various schools. Please register now and pay your booking fee which is taken off the last two weeks of the 2nd term, therefore you do not have to pay for the last two weeks of transport in May or June. This booking fee is to secure that seat for your child/children only and no one else can sit there. You then buy your weekly bus ticket one week in advance. Should the schools close again due to Covid 19 pandemic, any monies paid will be credited to you upon return to school. If your child is absent from school long term, then we will look at each case individually and come to an agreement regarding ticket price. In the event of a school closing, you will not be charged for your bus ticket during closure.

Carlow I.T.

Pre-booking essential on our Website

Our 2020 / 21 Service has resumed

Ticket Type Student
Single €10
Daily Return €18
Daily Return – Stradbally €15
Weekly Return €48
Weekly Return – Stradbally €45

Outward Journey

Location Stop M-Fri
Mountmellick Square PUO 07:35
Mountmellick opp Stud Farm PUO 07:36
Portlaoise Fairgreen PUO 07:43
Portlaoise Rossvale PUO 07:44
Portlaoise Old Dunnes Stores PUO 07:44
Portlaoise Old Post Office PUO 07:45
Portlaoise SuperValu Roundabout PUO 07:50
Portlaoise JFL Avenue PUO 07:53
Portlaoise Church – Dublin Rd. PUO 07:55
Portlaoise Fielbrook PUO 07:55
Portlaoise Kilminchy PUO 08:00
Stradbally Square PUO 08:10
Carlow opp SuperValu SDO 08:38
Carlow IT SDO 08:40

Return Journey

Location Fri O Mon-Thurs
Carlow – IT PUO 16:30 17:00
Carlow – opp SuperValu PUO 17:05
Stradbally – Square SDO 17:00 17:30
Portlaoise – Kilminchy SDO 17:10 17:40
Portlaoise -Fielbrook SDO 17:12 17:41
Portlaoise – Church SDO 17:16 17:42
Portlaoise – JFL Avenue SDO 17:18 17:45
Portlaoise – Superquinn SDO 17:21 17:48
Portlaoise – Old Post Office SDO 17:22 17:50
Portlaoise – Old Dunnes Stores SDO 17:27 17:53
Portlaoise – Rossvale SDO 17:28 17:54
Portlaoise – Fairgreen SDO 17:30 17:55
Mountmellick – Square SDO 17:34 17:58
  • PUO: Pick Up Only
  • SDO: Set Down Only           
  • M-Fri: Monday to Friday
  • M-Thurs: Monday to Thursday
  • Fri O: Friday Only
Our Bus Service to IT Carlow has resumed since 9th September 2019

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